Welcome to YooB Games


A brand new game to hit the PC scene is YooB. This is a new and exciting concept because each player submits a small amount of money for each game which then gets put into a pot. This total can amount to quite a nice sum which the winner of each match will pocket as a prize. The game itself is also free to download from YooB

The game itself looks like the first-person shooter such as Halo, but unlike many death match tournaments where you can hide in places and then jump out to get the kill when it suits, in Kwari you will need to dash into open spaces to pick up items and weapons which in some cases can amount to extra cash. This is one of the first games that actually states upfront that it’s all about winning money.

Another great feature about this game is it keeps a close track on whether you are on a winning spree or a losing one. If you keep loosing then it will enter you into matches with lower ranking players and do the opposite if you are winning. This basically means that each person will get a fair crack of the whip and have a chance of winning some money.


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